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Anubhuti in August 2014

25th to 28th August, 2014

IFFS had invited grand parents of the students for the Anubhuti Programme. In all, there were 12 grand parents who stayed at the campus us. There were many more who wanted to join us but due to certain constraints we could not accomodate all of them. This programme coincided with the Global Village Activity of Aug 2014 and all  grand parents participated in the Global Village Activity along with the students and teachers.

The main purpose behind this event is to bridge the generation gap and inculcate the values that all the grand parents impart to their grand children. During this period, the evening time after dinner was allotted for the students to interact with their dadas, dadis, nanas and nanis, along with the company of the teachers. All the grandpas and grandmas shared their vast experiences with the students, mainly stressing the point that every problem should be faced with a positive frame of mind.