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Self-Learning Session with ISKCON

28th July, 2014

IFFS has taken an initiative and introduced self-learning sessions with the help of members from ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) to help the students change their perception towards the real world. The session was a mix-up of real experiences and play enactments and it was a 2 way interaction between the members and the students and staff of IFFS.

The motto of the session was to introduce values to students. Each value was introduced in the form of a ‘Guru’. The main topic for this session was ‘Tolerance’. With reference to tolerance the ISKCON member, Mrs. Kalyani Achrekar, gave an example of Mother Earth and what all she is providing to us humans and the pains that she is enduring because of us. Still Mother Earth is showing huge amount of tolerance towards us. She gave an example of 2 strangers, a woman and a man, walking towards each other with the woman carrying a bag full of vegetables. They unknowingly collide with each other and the vegetable bag falls down and all the vegetables scatter on the ground. There can be 3 situations after this. The first one can be where the man can taunt the woman for not seeing and walking properly and the woman reverting tauntingly. The second one can be where the man curses the woman harshly and the woman does not react at all. The third one can be where the man actually apologises to the woman and helps her to gather the scattered vegetables and in return the woman thanks him for helping her out. Here we can see where the bond between 2 unknown persons is created.

The point here lies in the way each person reacts in the situation at that point of time. Because of one person’s reaction the opposite person might or might not react in the same manner which will show that person’s tolerance. In the same way if we have tolerance like Mother Earth, then we can create a positive atmosphere around us which will benefit not only us but the society also.