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India First Foundation School Philosophy

IFFS Vision & Philosophy

We aim to go beyond conventional education and develop students into well rounded individuals, inculcate in them values of integrity and ability to distinguish the appropriate from the inappropriate. All of this we aim to provide in a conducive, creative and secure environment.”

- India First Foundation School Philosophy

“Quest for humanness in human beings”.

To emerge as a role model in holistic, value based and exploratory learning campus in the world.

Inspired by the vision to make education a driver of knowledge that helps children learn life skills and moulds their attitudes, India First Foundation School was established in 2009 as a co-ed residential school, affiliated to the ICSE board, located close to the cities of Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra. The founders had the concept of creating a model that answers questions that have become the shortcomings of education in modern life. Constant worry about dealing with life and competitive pressures are taking away the essence of learning and the joy of schooling, both from children as well as parents. India First Foundation School (IFFS) is an institution built to address these concerns and become a centre that makes education go beyond books. The academic and non-academic plan is governed by the school’s strong belief, ‘Education Beyond Books’. ‘Education beyond Books’ is a philosophy which goes beyond conventional education to develop boys and girls into well-rounded individuals. We would like to share how we are doing this.

The first step was to create infrastructure and amenities with the aim of excellence. Affiliated to ICSE board, India First Foundation School is a co-ed residential school located in Karjat, about 90-minute drive from Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra. It is a 20-acre campus housing the academic building, residential facilities for students, teachers and guests, outdoor sports grounds and indoor sports facilities.

It is our belief that you will be pleasantly surprised by the thoughts put behind in designing the campus. It is an embodiment of the expressions of beautiful minds that dreamt ‘how should schools be?’ and went out and made a school of dreams. The uniquely designed school building, the Hall of Fame, Amphitheatre – Global Village are some of the things that will pleasantly surprise you. An outstanding teacher-student ratio ensures personalised attention to students. By employing highly skilled teachers who demonstrate commitment to teaching, IFFS aims at providing the best mentorship to students.

The exploratory nature of learning creates an atmosphere of intuitive learning and provides the best platform for special skills to prosper. The value-based approach learnt through living and assimilating practices in the campus will enable children to put their integrity ahead of everything and help them distinguish the appropriate from the inappropriate.

The uniqueness with which the interactive wall installations aid in learning and teaching, the maps and spices in the dining room give boys and girls a taste and sense of the world they live in and the personalities in the Hall of Fame help students aspire and look for a role model, aspects such as these make India First Foundation School one of the best boarding schools in India. Residential school life helps children move out of their comfort zones, fosters independence and helps hone skills with the aid of dedicated guidance. The 5Cs approach of learning gives children the ability to raise a question and fosters the ability to make appropriate judgements, an appraoch which makes IFFS one of the best boarding schools in Maharashtra and a school in the league of the best boarding schools in India.

Karjat is a beautiful pristine location at the foothills of the Sahyadris. It is a 90-minute drive from Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra. The weather and surroundings make it an ideal location for the outdoor nature of students to flourish. The location, along with the infratructure, methodology of teaching, exploratory nature of learning and the best levels of comfort and safety for students make India First Foundation School rank amongst the best boarding schools in Maharashtra and gives it a pedigree that makes it one of the leading boarding schools in India.

From academic year 2013-14, India First Foundation School is commencing with Cambridge A Level examination for XI and XII (Science & Commerce). India First Foundation School believes in preparing students to become world-class graduates, excelling in various sections of life through the Cambridge A Level degree. Cambridge degree is widely recognised and valued by universities and employers alike. Every year, thousands of Cambridge degree students gain places at leading universities worldwide – including USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand & Australia.