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Charmi Gori

Grade 11 student

• State level U-19 Badminton Player.

• Winner of Best Sportsperson for Acadeic Year 2012-13.

• Wants to excel as a businesswoman or a sportswoman, likes playing badminton and has huge interest in travelling and exploring different places.

Chirag Kamra

Grade 9 student

• Mathematics Olympiad State Level Certificate winner.

• State Level U-19 Badminton Player.

• Excellent football player for a 14 year old boy.

• Wants to become an automobile engineer or a computer expert, likes playing football, dancing, acting, reading.

Ananya Bangera

Grade 9 student

• Winner of Best Sportsperson and Best Academic Excellence award for Academic Year 2011-12.

• State Level U-19 Badminton Player.

• Keen interest in Bharatnatyam.

• Wants to become a combination of Doctor and social reformer.

Aman Shetty

Grade 8 student

• Gold Medalist since the last 4 years at National Olympiad for Science and Mathematics.

• Excellent orator.

• Wants to become a scientist and invent something new, likes reading motivational books and playing table tennis.

Harshada Walke

Grade 10 student

• Gold Medalist of National Mathematics Olympiad (All India 6th Rank).

• Gold Medalist of State Science Olympiad.

• State Level U-17 Badminton Player.

• Captain of the school baseball team.

• Wants to become a Marine Engineer.


Grade 10 student

• Achieved 9th position in Science competition held by Helping Hand Organisation.

• Guitar player in school band.

• Wants to become a combination of IAS officer & social worker or a businessman & social worker.

Vanshika Zaveri

Grade 8 student

• Gold Medalist in the School Chess Championship.

• Winner of the School General Award for excellence in academics and sports.

• Wants to become an Architect, has huge interest in general photography.

Zeel Patel

Grade 4 student

• Gold Medalist at the National Olympiad for Science.

• Winner of several awards at the school for poem recitation and story telling.

• Has an ambition to become a teacher, likes listening music and play badminton.


Grade 9 student

• Completed 2 levels of Brain Mapping (Brain O Brain) in Mathematics.

• Wants to become an architect or fashion designer, has huge interest in reading different books.

Jeel Patel

Grade 10 student

• Gold Medalist at the National Olympiad for Science.

• State Level U-17 Badminton Player.

• Dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in some field, likes playing badminton, dancing and listening to music.

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