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Principal Sir
Securing 3rd rank in Mumbai University.
19 years of teaching experience in various subjects. Headed the secondary section of  Ecole Mondiale World School, Mumbai.

Mr. Nitin Padte

B.A.(Economics), M.A.(History) Director of Education
13 years of experience in Dance as a Dance Teacher and Choreographer.  Teaching Hindi and training students in Kathak at IFFS.

Mrs. Laxmi Pathak, Principal

M.A.(English Literature), B. Ed.(Hindi)
5 years of teaching experience. Primary Teacher at IFFS.

Ms. Namrata Kaur Ratan

Mrs. Shubhangi Vijay Patil
5+ years teaching experience

Shubhangi Patil

B.Com. Montessori Teacher's Training Course. 7 years experience in teaching. She is Primary Teacher at IFFS.

Ms. Pramilla Rodrigues

Montessori Training Course
Working as System Administrator.  3 years of experience in field of Software development and System Administration.

Mr. Ganesh Pawar

B.Sc (IT), MCA
Mrs. Preeti Darekar
4 years of experience in teaching Art and Craft.  Exhibited painting at various reputed galleries and art exhibitions.

Mrs. Preeti Darekar

B.Com, ATD
Poonam Patil
1- year experience as Marathi teacher.

Mrs. Poonam Patil

B.A , B.Ed
Tanuja Bhide
7-year experience. She is Asst. Teacher (English).

Mrs. Tanuja Bhide

B.A. B.Ed.(English)
Mrs. Shreekala
20+ years teaching experience. She is Biology teacher (ICSE). She is Chemistry and Biology teacher (Cambridge A-Level).

Mrs. Sreekala

M.Sc B.Ed. SET (Zoology)
She is Asst. Teacher (Geography). 7-year experience.

Mrs. Meenu Sharma

M.A.( Geography), B.Ed.
15 years of teaching experience.

K.V.N. Ganesh Kumar

M.Sc.(IT,Eco & Env.Sci), B.Ed.
Chandana sen
8 years of experience. She is English & Social Studies teacher at IFFS.

Ms. Chandana Sen

M.A.(English), B.Ed.,MBA
12 years of experience in teaching Hindi in IB curriculum & CBSE syllabus schools. He is Hindi teacher at IFFS.

Dr. Shivkumar Rajauria

14+ years of experience in teaching Mathematics. He has worked as IGCSE Mathematics teacher and Cambridge C0-ordinator. He is Mathematics teacher at IFFS.

Mr M. Rajkumar

Abhishek Anthony2
He is Science Trainee Teacher at IFFS.

Mr. Abhishek Anthony A

She is Social Studies Trainee Teacher at IFFS.

Ms. Aafreen Jamil Shaikh

B.A., B.Ed.
He is Science Trainee Teacher.

Mr. Jerlin Sagaya Raj A

She is English Trainee Teacher.

Ms. Shruti B. Sata

M.A.(English), B.Ed.
Venkata Ramanaiah
2 years of experience in teaching. He is Science Trainee Teacher at IFFS.

Mr. Veerisetty Venkataramanaiah

Supriya 3
7+ years experience as Science teacher. She is Chemistry teacher at IFFS.

Ms. Supriya S. Arya

MA,B.Ed.,M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry)
5 years of experience as Physical Education teacher and Marathi teacher. She is Physical Education & Marathi teacher at IFFS.

Mrs. Pritigandha Victor A. Nadar

5 years of experience in teaching Physics including 2 years of experience in CIE - UK curriculum. He is Physics teacher at IFFS.

Mr. Ravi Shankar Mishra

B.Tech(Electronics & Instrumentation)
8 years of teaching experience in pre-primary and primary. Her expertise is in English & Maths.

Pranali Jadhav

EccEd, Montessori course
She has 12 years of experience in Wardenship and teaching Arts & Crafts. Qualifications: B.A.

Mrs. Neema Samuel

Girls Dorm Parent

He has 6 years experience in wardenship. He has a total of 35 years in experience including 15 years in Indian Navy. Qualifications: Graduation equivalent degree as per Indian Navy norms


Mr. Manaji Parmar

Boys Dorm Parent
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