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Mrs. Laxmi Pathak



A good school is an amalgam of many factors that include sound philosophy, good teachers, good leader, backing by committed people, decent infrastructure, a curriculum and a co-curricular programme that supports this philosophy and many such imponderables. According to me, it is a place where a child is actively engaged in the process of learning in a vibrant and challenging atmosphere.

At IFFS we place the child at the center of the learning process. With the goal of taking education beyond books we first concentrate on giving a solid classroom experience where individual attention and practiced and well thought out differentiation is the norm. Our goal is not to produce good results at the end of the year but shape sensitive individuals with a global outlook. At IFFS academic results are a by-product of this process.

A breath of fresh air and a challenging atmosphere outside the classroom are required to keep a student healthy and alert. With this in mind we have a broad based co-curricular programme that includes hands on learning, farming, community service, educational trips, exposure to village arts and crafts, dance, drama and music. In the field of sports the school gives each child an opportunity to develop her/his skill in a number of sports that include tennis, soccer, badminton, table tennis, basketball, horse riding and rifle shooting.

With this rich mix of academics and co-curricular programme, we aim at developing students who will do the best that they can while showing concern and sensitivity for their environment and the society at large.