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• Will consciously strive to fulfill its vision and mission and adhere to its core philosophy
• Is committed to the all-round development of every student
• Will provide an environment conducive to their growth and development towards realizing their potential

• Will actively participate in the school Sports Day, Annual Day, Open Days, Interaction with Parents (IWP) whenever these are held
• Will ensure active participation of the child’s grandparents during Anubhuti for a week; and depute any other senior close relative in case of non availability of grandparents during the same
• Will contribute to the child’s social, emotional and intellectual development by engaging them in meaningful activities during vacations and breaks
• Will consciously create a healthy environment at home and supplement children’s value education with their exemplary behaviour and language
• Will impart their own acquired skills and knowledge to IFFS students by means of guest lectures or experience sharing sessions

• Will respect and abide by the mission, vision and core philosophy of the school
• Will respect the property of the school
• Will respect every member of the school community
• Will conduct themselves commendably and do themselves, their institution and everyone in the school community proud
• Will adhere to all positive values including personal hygiene, timeliness, cleanliness and respectable relationships with others

• Will respect and abide by the mission, vision and core philosophy of the school and will treat the school logo, flag and property with respect and responsibility
• Will mentor and facilitate the process of knowledge acquisition, holistic development and realization of potential in the students
• Will foster a spirit of enquiry in students
• Will be committed to instilling a value for excellence in students
• Will completely abstain from corporal punishments
• Will ensure thorough professionalism in every sphere of activity and remain cordial and transparent in all their interactions

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